Activities & attractions

There is numerous things for the recreation along the south side of the island, from free climbing to cycling, hiking, walking, swimming, diving ...



*Walk from Apartment SilvAna through the pine forest to the stone houses of the old village and the local church of St. Spiridion from where you can have a beautiful view of the open sea and neighboring islands.

*Walk along the sea to a small pebble beach - Zogon or to the picturesque cliffs - Veli Kamik. Veli Kamik was built in 1924 and served as a port for a steamer. Today it is a particularly famous as a place from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the steep cliffs of Hvar or admire the beautiful sunset, also it is one of the main places for adrenaline sea jumping,and lately it is becoming popular as a place for weddings.

*Walk to the hidden Lučišće bay known for its beautiful pebble beach, bathed in the sun and surrounded by crystal clear sea, dense pine forest and the song of crickets, ideal recipe for relaxation.

*Hiking and walking along the famous Plavac vineyards accompanied by the scents of lavender and rosemary to the cave of Sveta Nedjelja

*Hiking to Sv. Nikola, the highest peak of the island. The route starts from the old village and passes by vineyards and fields. During the walk you can enjoy the abundance of original island scents - lavender and rosemary. A beautiful view will make you feel like you are on top of the world.


  • In recent years, Sv. Sunday has become a favorite destination for free climbers. This is not surprising because the landscape is truly ideal and irresistible for this type of recreation. For all lovers of adrenaline and free climbing, there is Cliffbase - a climbing center located in Šuplja stina, which in the past was the only natural harbor for fishing boats.
  • For true adrenaline junkies who enjoy an active holiday, Feratta Via Avalon above Holy Sunday offers a unique challenge.


Closest place for swimming is hundred meters away from the Apartments SilvAna where access to the sea is from paved platforms on the cliffs or you can choose the local pebble beach - Zogon. We also recommend Lučišće beach which is kilometre away from the apartment.


Field roads ideal for hiking and mountain biking are stretching above the village also you can enjoy cycling on many local roads and dirt roads from hidden coves, through small island towns to the highest peak of the island of Hvar.

Hvar is an island of rich history, culture and tradition, full of natural beauty.

The island that celebrated 150 years of organized tourism, based on a healthy climate and the most sunny days on the Adriatic.

It is also the island with the most protected UNESCO heritage in the world.



Hvar Theater (the oldest public theater in Europe - founded in 1612)

Arsenal (the most recognizable outline of the town of Hvar, used to repair galleys)

Cathedral of St. Stjepan (Renaissance cathedral with a bell tower that many consider one of the most beautiful in Dalmatia)

St. Stjepan Square (or the "square" of the town square(pancake) the largest square in Dalmatia)

Franciscan Monastery (a true oasis of serenity, there you can see display of the Last Supper)

Benedictine monastery (world famous for its unique tradition of making lace, protected by UNESCO, which nuns have been doing for centuries)

Spanish Fortress - Fortica (beautiful view of the city and the Pakleni islands)

Pakleni islands or Hvar islands (the unique and most recognizable natural beauty of Hvar and one of the most beautiful island chains in the world, consisting of 21 islands, islets, reefs and narrow passages located in front of the town).


    or FAROS is the oldest town in Croatia - 2400 years old

    Tvrdalj Castle (the most famous building in the Old Town) was built as a fortress for defense against the Turks by the poet Petar Hektorović. The heart of the estate consists of extremely romantic emerald ponds and a beautiful Mediterranean garden.

    Skor Square (one of the most beautiful small baroque squares in the Mediterranean)

    Dominican monastery of St. Petra (contains a rich art collection - paintings).

    The Old Town Field (also known as Ager or Hora, one of the city’s main attractions) is one of the oldest cultivated plains in the world, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008.


    VRBOSKA (a picturesque fishing village) is one of the most impressive places to see on the island. Some even call it a “Little Venice" because of the canal bridges that run through the city.

    Fortress Church of St. Mary of Mercy (the most beautiful in Croatia and among the most beautiful in Europe from that time)

    The Museum of Fishing in Vrboska keeps numerous fishing tackle.


    JELSA (a small Mediterranean town) whose traditional cultural and religious symbol is the night procession "For the Cross", which in 2009 was included on the UNESCO list of world intangible cultural heritage.

    From Jelsa you can visit Humac (traditional stone houses on Humac are considered ethnographic monuments) and Grapčeva špilja (Neolithic cave filled with stalactites and stalagmites, the birthplace of Hvar's civilization and culture)

    In all of these cities you will find a number of restaurants, cafés and patisseries, as well as shops and tourist stalls. We will be happy to give you specific tips on the spot.